Trionic Group: vehicle management and motor control solutions

The Trionic Group provides vehicle management and motor control solutions to the manufacturers of mobile equipment. It is made up of three companies; PG Trionic, Inc. located in Essex, MA, USA, Trionic Mobility Systems SAS located in Trans en Provence, France and Trionic Shenzhen Ltd. located in China.  Together they design and market Trionic products globally.

The Trionic Group offers superior vehicle management & controls solutions through the development of integrated control systems uniquely suited to the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) vehicles. Low cost designs are achieved by working closely with the OEM to develop the product specifications. The Trionic Group uses ISO9000 approved subcontractors and maintains product design as components change and it implements improvements. The Trionic Group continually strives to reduce overall vehicle costs by selecting appropriate electronics to maximize competitiveness.


The Trionic Group’s founding company is PG Trionic which was incorporated in 1995. PG Trionic built its business by providing custom vehicle management solutions to the North American manufacturers of Aerial Work Platforms (AWP).

With time PG Trionic’s business grew and its customers became more global. As such PG Trionic established Trionic Mobility Systems SAS in Q4 2007 to service the European and Asian marketplaces.  First quarter of 2017, The Trionic Group was eager to provide a stronger presence in China and established Trionic Shenzhen Ltd.

Today, The Trionic Group’s focus is the continued development of low cost high value products and the application support of new customers resulting from its marketing activities. Its engineering team has over 100 years experience in developing electric motor control systems as well as custom control systems to meet the market’s changing requirements.


The Trionic Group’s continuously growing sales are a result of its ongoing commitment to meeting customer’s needs through simplifying manufacturing, improving product reliability, and cost reduction programs. In house capabilities include:

  • Digital & Analog circuit design
  • Through-hole & surface-mount PCB layout
  • Software development in various languages
  • CAN and RS232 based communications
  • Experience with many different microprocessor architectures
  • Fast prototype manufacture
  • Dynamometer motor characterization from 24V to 48V up to 10000RPM and 50 Nm
  • Tracks and ramps for on-vehicle system testing
  • Thermal chamber
  • EMI & ESD pre compliant test
  • EMI & ESD approvals through recognized external test-house
  • Built to UL and CE standards

The Trionic  Group, headquartered in Essex, MA, sits on a private one acre campus offering R&D facilities, surrounded by 20,000 sq foot test ground with 15% ramp.

Trionic Europe & Asia, are each stand-alone facilities.   Providing complete sales support, project management and engineering support.


During manufacturing we deliver products to our customer’s requirements using ISO9000 approved sub-contractors.

In order to achieve on-time delivery, flexibility and maintain product reliability to our customers, The Trionic Group utilizes 2 manufacturing companies.

The Trionic Group controls the final testing phase during manufacturing via proprietary software and hardware test equipment.
Every product is tested for full functionality including high power test, all test results are accessible via Cloud technology.
A functional tester is located at each Manufacturing site as well as all Trionic Facilities.


Christian C. Peyla
Chairman of the Board and President

In April of 1995 Christian Peyla founded PG Trionic. Prior to founding the company, Christian served 20 years with Sevcon Inc. where he held various management positions in engineering, manufacturing and Operations in both the US and Europe. Christian has extensive years of technical experience in vehicle system management, including the management of DC power in motor control for battery powered vehicles.

Matthew G. Peyla

Matthew earned a degree in Industrial Technology with a focus on robotics and automation before emigrating to Italy. In Europe he worked with important customers as a quality engineer for a leading supplier of hydraulic tubes and hoses. This experience prepared him well to lead Trionic Mobility, S.A.S. which he joined at its inception.

Ian D. Cull
Vice President of Engineering

After graduating from Bath University in England, Ian has worked with various companies developing & manufacturing microprocessor based control systems for fuel delivery & toxic gas detection as well as battery powered vehicle control at Sevcon – where Christian & Ian met.

When Christian founded the company, Ian helped develop the first product line while still in England; once in production, Ian emigrated to work full time at PG Trionic, Inc.

Edwin Zhang
General Manager of China

Edwin received his degree in computer applications from the University of  Jiangxi Science and Technology, Edwin’s experiences stems from having worked at Foxconn in circuit board drawings by CAM and training of project management.  For the last 10 years, Edwin has been chief manager of lift development, manufacturing and operations department with Youngman.  Edwin joined Shenzhen Trionic, Ltd at the end of 2016.