CAN Joystick I/O

Trionic CAN Joystick I/O

Product Highlights

The CAN Joystick provides full multi-axis joystick control using only power and CAN wiring. The board also supports additional external I/O and can be configured as DS401 CAN Open.

General features

  • 8 way Plug for direct Joystick connection
  • 6 outputs can be used for external indicator lamps
  • Unused analog or digital inputs can be used externally
  • CAN Open DS401 certified

Technical Data

Power Supply 12 / 24V 8.5 to 33 Vdc
Digital Inputs23 
Analog Inputs40 - 5V
Digital Outputs6 
Working Temperature-40 + 60°C 
Overall Dimensions

4.6 x 3.7 x 0.9”

115 x 92 x 22 mm

Trionic CAN Joystick I/O