EZLift 230

The EZlift is a dedicated purpose integrated vehicle management and motor controller commonly used in scissor lift applications.

  • 24V, 7HP pump motor controller
  • Integrated tilt sensor
  • EN280 Compliant

TS100 and TS200

The TS100 is an integrated dual motor & vehicle controller commonly used in smaller scissor lift applications.

  • 24 V, 2.6HP peak rating for each motor
  • Proportional traction and pump control
  • Integrated tilt sensor
  • EN280 Compliant

EZLift 120

The EZLift 120 is a dedicated purpose integrated controller designed for push around AWP applications. The unit features welded contactor protection and an integrated tilt sensor.


The GP400 is a robust, flexible, system controller for a broad range of applications. The GP400C adds outputs to the GP400 with a 2nd CANbus for communication flexibility.

  • Includes high power digital and PWM outputs
  • Integrated tilt sensor (±0-10 degrees), auto-leveling and overload systems
  • Failsafe to comply with EN954-3/EN280


The GP450 is an electronic controller suitable for a wide range of electric, hybrid and IC industrial vehicles. It offers many I/O …all types…high side digital outputs, analog, PWM, digital inputs. CANbus enabled to build a system with other CAN