Christian C. Peyla
Chairman of the Board and President

In April of 1995 Christian Peyla founded PG Trionic. Prior to founding the company, Christian served 20 years with Sevcon Inc. where he held various management positions in engineering, manufacturing and Operations in both the US and Europe. Christian has extensive years of technical experience in vehicle system management, including the management of DC power in motor control for battery powered vehicles.

Matthew G. Peyla

Matthew earned a degree in Industrial Technology with a focus on robotics and automation before emigrating to Italy. In Europe he worked with important customers as a quality engineer for a leading supplier of hydraulic tubes and hoses. This experience prepared him well to lead Trionic Mobility, S.A.S. which he joined at its inception.

Ian D. Cull
Vice President of Engineering

After graduating from Bath University in England, Ian has worked with various companies developing & manufacturing microprocessor based control systems for fuel delivery & toxic gas detection as well as battery powered vehicle control at Sevcon – where Christian & Ian met.

When Christian founded the company, Ian helped develop the first product line while still in England; once in production, Ian emigrated to work full time at PG Trionic, Inc.

Edwin Zhang
General Manager of China

Edwin received his degree in computer applications from the University of  Jiangxi Science and Technology, Edwin’s experiences stems from having worked at Foxconn in circuit board drawings by CAM and training of project management.  For the last 10 years, Edwin has been chief manager of lift development, manufacturing and operations department with Youngman.  Edwin joined Shenzhen Trionic, Ltd at the end of 2016.



章文华在大学专业是计算机应用,首先在富士康从事线路板画图和产品工程师,之后10年来在2家公司作为Youngman  升降机的开发,制造,运营部门的主要管理人, 2016年底加入深圳强尼克科技有限公司.