EZcal + / Pro

Trionic EZcal Pro

Product Highlights

  • EZcal enhanced with two modes of operation
  • EZcal mode allows easy access to calibration, diagnostic and adjustment menus built into Trionic control modules
  • EZcalPro mode offers PG Flash, QuickLog, & Getcurve
  • PG Flash re-flashes and updates connected controller software
  • QuickLog stores selected machine operation diagnostic data for upload to
  • GetCurve saves platform overload calibration curve data

General features

  • EZcal Pro adds several advanced features to the standard EZcal
  • USB connector allows computer access and update of stored files
  • Stores diagnostic data for computer import in csv format
  • Two line 16 character bright backlit displayNew ’?β€˜ button allows instant access to help message from within any
  • Complete with controller cable and USB cableΒ 
Trionic CAN Display Module