EZlift130 and EZlift135

Trionic EZLift 135

Product Highlights

The EZlift13x was developed specifically for the Push Around AWP market. It integrates all the I/O and functionality required in a Push Around vehicle in a single package.

Inputs from platform switches (or ground mode emergency switches) control vehicle functions via protected valve & line contactor drivers. Integrated tilt sensor can be configured to limit or prevent selected functions when vehicle is tilted.

  • Protection from welded line contactor
  • Integrated tilt sensor
  • Reduce wiring and simplify setups, adjustments, diagnostics
  • Meets EN280: 2014 requirements (i.e. armguard and overload)

General features

  • Provides protected High side PWM outputs
  • Provides Low side outputs
  • Integrated tilt sensor
  • RS232 to connect “EZcal” for calibrations, adjustments, and
  • “FLASH” memory allows configuration to specific customer needs
  • Failsafe functionality to comply with EN 13849-1
  • Analog input for overload EN280 compliance

Technical Data

Power Supply 12 and 24V 8.5 to 17 Vdc
Pump motor current140A 
PWM Output (high side)43A
Low side Outputs22A
Positive Digital Inputs101.25kΩ imp.
Analog input40 - 5V 
Configurable digital I/O 2 
Integral tilt sensor+/- 0 to 10°√(x2+y2)
Water Proof IP 67  
Working Temperature 

-40 +60°C 

Overall Dimensions

5.1” x 4.47” x 1.52”

129 x 114 x 39 mm

Trionic GPC442 Canbus I/O