Product Highlights

  • Matrix design minimizes cost & connection of operator switches and LED indicators
  • High I/O count
  • Ideal for an Operator Control box, designed for Scissor Lift Platform Control Box

The Matrix I/O Module has been specifically designed for the Scissor lift platform control box. The module CANbus minimizes the number of connections and plugs needed.

The Matrix I/O Module provides a control solution for scissor lift vehicles when used in conjunction with the following: 

  • GP400 completes the IC Scissor Lift Control System
  • P600 and GP400 completes the Electric Scissor Lift Control System

General features

  • 15 way connector provides up to 32 switches and 32 LEDs & 4-8 lamps
  • Analog inputs and non-matrix switch inputs for joystick
  • CANbus interface to main valve/motor control module minimizes cable wiring/size

Technical Data

Power Supply 12/24V 8.5 to 32V DC
Matrix Input sw321.25kΩ imp.
Matrix LED OutputsUp to 32 
Lamp Outputs4-81A
Digital Inputs51.25kΩ imp.
Analog Inputs 20.5 - 4.5V
Water proofIP 67 
Working Temperature -40 +60°C 
Overall Dimensions

4.6” x 3.7” x 0.9”
117 x 94 x 23 mm

Trionic GP500