GP106 Outrigger System

Product Highlights

The GP106 control module controls four outrigger extend valves to automatically level a vehicle.

An integral tilt transducer is used to determine which outriggers need to be activated to achieve level; an output can optionally be configured to indicate vehicle tilt using this transducer.

Programming and other set-up & configuration activities are carried out using the hand-held “EZcal” device.

  • Provides protected high side outputs
  • Provides PWM outputs
  • Provides fail-safe high side outputs
  • Integral vehicle tilt transducer, indicates tilted vehicle with optional cutout
  • Failsafe functionality to comply with EN 954-3

Technical Data:

Power Supply rated for 8.5 to 32VDC 12/24V
Failsafe High Side Cutout Output,
protected, 2.5A
Integral Tilt Sensor ± 0 to 10°
Digital Inputs 6-10
Sealing IP67
Operating Temperature -40 + 60° C
Overall Dimensions, L x W x H 7.3” x 4.5” x 1.5”
185 x 115 x 39 mm