GP440 Remote I/O

Product Highlights

The GP440 is a CANbus Universal I/O module that was designed for the platform controls of a Boom Lift. It boasts over 70 I/O.

  • Provides protected High side outputs
  • CANbus interface
  • RS232 connection to hand-held “EZcal” for diagnostics
  • “FLASH” memory allows configuration to specific customer needs
  • Failsafe functionality to comply with EN 280-5.4 & 5.11
    • Detects short-circuit output switches
    • Detects open- and short- circuit sensors

Technical Data:

Power Supply, 8.5 to 32 VDC 12/24V
High Side Output,
protected, 2.0A, (3PWM)
Positive Digital Inputs 35
Analog Inputs 14
Diff. Analog Inputs (load cell bridges
pe EN 280-
Sealing IP67
Operating Temperature -40 + 60° C
Overall Dimensions, L x W x H 9.0” x 7.1” x .9”
229 x 181 x 23 mm