GP442 CANbus I/0

Product Highlights

The GP442 I/O Module has been specifically designed to minimize the number of connections and plugs needed to connect the platform controls of a Boom Lift.  As a result, only CAN and power wires need to be run up the boom.

The GP442 I/O Module provides a control solution for Boom Lift vehicles when used in conjunction with other Trionic modules such as:

    • GP500 + GP442 completes an IC Boom Lift Control System
    • GP500 + GP442 + P600 completes a 48V Electric Boom Lift Control System
    • Either a SEM600 or a DAC483 may be added for a 48V Electric Drive System

Technical Data

Power Supply 12 and 24V 8 to 33 Vdc
High Side Output 8 2.5A
High Side PWM Output 8 2.5A
High Side PWM Output 4 2.5A
Positive Digital Inputs 35 1.25KW imp.
Diff. Analog Inputs 4 ±2-10 mV
Analog Input 14 0 to 5 V
Water Proof IP 67
Working Temperature -40 + 60°C
Overall Dimensions 8.9” x 4.73” x 0.9”
226 x 120 x 23 mm