Quad H-Bridge

Product Highlights

The CANbus enabled Quad H-Bridge module has eight outputs switchable to B+ or B-:

  • Four H-bridge outputs can switch direction of four motors, or
  • Eight discrete outputs switched to B+ or B-

Internal current monitors can shut down H-Bridge output pairs at a specified over-current up to 12 Amps.

  • 4 H-bridge outputs or 8 discrete outputs to B+ or B-
  • 4 current monitors between four pairs of outputs
  • Current overload shutdown
  • CAN based

Technical Data:

Power Supply, 8.5 to 33 VDC 12/24V
H-Bridge outputs,
protected 12A
Internal current monitors 4
Sealing IP67
Operating Temperature -40 + 60° C
Overall Dimensions, L x W x H 7.3” x 4.5” x 1.3”
185 x 115 x 34 mm