SEM 300

Product Highlights

  • 24V Sepex Traction and DC Pump
  • Tilt sensor and overload system
    • Integrated dual Sepex Traction motor and DC Pump motor controller
    • Integrated tilt sensor can be configured to limit or prevent selected functions when vehicle is tilted
    • Platform overload can be configured for EN280 compliance (requires pressure sensor and height sensor [EZfit])
    • Flash memory allows factory configuration to exact vehicle needs
    • Inputs from platform joystick & switches (or ground mode emergency switches) control vehicle functions via protected valve & line contactor drivers
    • Inputs from various cutout switches can be configured to limit or prevent selected functions depending on vehicle state.
    • Dual micro-controller ensures failsafe operation
    • Available EZcal hand-held allows access to configuration settings and diagnostics including history log (via RS232)
    • CAN bus
    • Integral status LED provides (flashing) fault code indication

Optional: Text display module provides end-user status & fault descriptions to minimize down time

Technical Data

Power supply 24V 16 to 33 Vdc
Drive motor current 200A  
Pump current 300A  
PWM Frequency 16 Khz  
Integral tilt sensor +/- 0 to 10° √(x2+y2)
Safe High side ON/OFF outputs 4 3A
Safe High side Proportional outputs 4 3A
High side ON/OFF outputs 4 3A
Indicator ON/OFF outputs 6 1A
Digital inputs 19 1.25KΩ
Analog inputs 7 0-5 Vdc
Water proof IP65  
Ambient working temperature -40 to +50°C  
Overall dimensions 8.12” x 6.11” x 2.7”
206 x 155 x 68 mm