TS100 and TS200

Product Highlights

The TS100 and TS200 is an integrated dual motor drive and vehicle controller. A typical application is in Low Access scissor vehicles as there is less wiring and includes EN280 compliant overload protection all in a single package.

It is rated to control two (2) 24V 2.6HP motors which are typically the traction and pump motor. It also features proportional control of traction, steering, and lift. It includes a built in tilt sensor and provides overload protection per EN280.

  • CANbus enabled integrated dual motor & vehicle controller vehicles
  • Built-in tilt sensor
  • Inputs from platform joystick & switches (or ground mode emergency switches) control vehicle functions via protected valve & line contactor drivers
  • Inputs from various cutout switches can be configured to limit or prevent selected functions depending on vehicle state.
  • Dual micro-controller ensures failsafe operation
  • RS232 connection to hand-held “EZcal” for calibration and diagnostics
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Under and over voltage shutdown
  • Automotive specification protected driver outputs

Technical Data:

Power Supply rated for 8.5 to 33VDC 16 to 33 Vdc
TS100 current 2 x 160A
TS200 current 2 x 200A
PWM Frequency 15 Khz
Outputs, (3A, High Side, Protected) 6
PWM Outputs (3A, High Side, Protected) 2
Indicator outputs (1A, Low Side, Protected) 4/6
Digital Inputs, (low impedance) 13/15
Analog Inputs (protected, 0.5 to 4.5V) 6
Integral Tilt Sensor, √(x²+y²) ± 0 to 10°
Sealing IP65
Operating Temperature -40 + 50° C
Overall Dimensions, L x W x H 7.8” x 6.2” x 2.25”
199 x 158 x 58 mm