GP442 CANbus I/0

GP442 I / O模块经过专门设计,可最大程度减少连接动臂提升平台控制所需的连接和插头数量

  • 通用CANbus I / O模块
  • 种类繁多,I / O数量很多(73)
  • Mini I/O

    • 9 digital inputs, 8 high side digital outputs
    • 8 low side digital outputs and 2 analog inputs

    Quad H-Bridge

    • 4 H-bridge outputs or 8 discrete outputs to B+ or B-
    • 4 currrent monitors between four pairs of outputs
    • Current overload shutdown up to 12 amps


    The GP450 is an electronic controller suitable for a wide range of electric, hybrid and IC industrial vehicles. It offers many I/O …all types…high side digital outputs, analog, PWM, digital inputs. CANbus enabled to build a system with other CAN