EZLift 230


  • 24V, 7HP 泵电机控制器
  • 集成倾斜传感器
  • EN280 兼容

SEM 600

The SEM600 is a 48V traction controller for dual motor applications using separately excited motors.

  • No speed sensor required
  • No steering angle sensor required
  • Built in automatic differential lock
  • Provides permanent differential control
  • 15HP peak for each motor
  • US Pat. No. 7,956,558


  • 48V Pump motor controller
  • Rated 360A continuous current
  • Integrated 12V 15A DC/DC converter for vehicle wiring

SEM 300

SEM300 是一种集成的车辆管理,驱动和泵电机控制器,常用于电动驱动剪刀应用。

  • 24V 他励电机牵引和直流泵电机和车辆控制器
  • 内置倾斜感应器和超载系统
  • EN280 兼容

TS100 and TS200

The TS100 is an integrated dual motor & vehicle controller commonly used in smaller scissor lift applications.

  • 24 V, 2.6HP peak rating for each motor
  • Proportional traction and pump control
  • Integrated tilt sensor
  • EN280 Compliant

EZLift 120

The EZLift 120 is a dedicated purpose integrated controller designed for push around AWP applications. The unit features welded contactor protection and an integrated tilt sensor.